Regionális és Környezetgazdaságtan Mesterszak (MSc) felvételi tájékoztató

Business Sustainability and CSR - Summer course at the Corvinus University of Budapest

Rationale of the course

For many years 'Sustainable Development' was a term principally used by environmental specialists, but recently it has invaded corporate boardrooms and thus mainstream management literature as well. While the global environment is suffering from ever increasing resource use and pollution from human activities, solutions to most environmental problems, especially those global in nature, are still far from evident. The notion of Sustainable Development suggests that our contemporary problems may only be solved by taking an integrated approach to economic, social and environmental problems and a long process of transformation from unsustainable patterns of life is needed. It is obvious that such a transformation requires businesses to play an important role and indeed, many large corporations as well as Small and Medium Sized Enterprises are taking up the challenge and turning their operations and products more environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

This summer program (24. June - 12. July) includes a two-week course and a one-week long professional/cultural tour. The summer course 'Business Sustainability and CSR' at the Corvinus University of Budapest aims at introducing the underlying factors and motivations of the private sector to turn to a more responsible operation, as well as presenting the most often used methodologies and tools available to businesses along the way. Organized in one of the most beautiful and exiting cities of Europe, the course will also have a special flavor highlighting the problems and solutions specific to the region.