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Environmental concerns appear in the educational and research programmes of many departments at the Corvinus University of Budapest. Our role is to analyse the diverse environmental fields coherently and holistically with the aim of integrating research outputs from the perspective of economics and management. Our fruitful and long-lasting relationships with businesses, other academic departments and other universities enable us to meet this expectation.

Our main goal is therefore to be able to provide an overview of the environmental field to a wide group of business students. Furthermore, under the aegis of the Institute for Environmental Science our department plays a key role in managing the Regional and Environmental Economic Studies MA programme. We are also responsible for hosting an Environmental Management minor within the BA in Business and Management programme.

In addition to teaching, we are dedicated to research. This way we aim to contribute to improving the tools and techniques which are applied within environmental economics and management.

Business Sustainability and CSR - Summer course at the Corvinus University of Budapest

Honoris causa degree for Professor Sándor Kerekes
2012. 03. 29.

The highest academic title of the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) was granted to Professor Kerekes



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